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Generator colloidal silver ionic Pro

Generator colloidal silver ionic Pro

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Make your own colloidal silver. Easy-to-use, safe and fast : only 15 minutes to make 200ml of colloidal silver 25 ppm !!
An electronic control intelligent, completely independent of the quality of the water and the temperature of the concentration. 100% bio-assimilable. Specific concentrations up to 200 ppm, without the addition of additives.

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Make colloidal silver at home with the IONIC-PULSER®

You can easily make colloidal silver with this professional equipment ionic-Pulser®.

The advantages are obvious:

• easy-to-use

• cheap

• 100 % clean

The IONIC PULSER PRO calculate the exact concentration to obtain an optimum particle size, there is no need of a measuring instrument. The camera automatically adjusts. the current compared to the quality and the temperature of the water. You can do the ppm that you want with a with any amount of water (0.1 to 1 liter)

The Ionic-Pulse PROest a device for electrolysis with automatic control of water for the production of colloids * Independent of the temperature and the quality of the water used. The colloids of silver (or gold, zinc, etc) are uniform and qualifications are above reproach.
The electronic circuit intelligent automatically adapts to the electrical conductivity of the water in such a way that we can make concentrations up to 200 ppm with high accuracy and an optimal size of the particles. Studies performed by several independent laboratories confirm these details ***.
■ Very easy to use
■ precise concentrations - differences less than +/- 5%
■ Each concentration possible with any amount of water (up to 1 litre). You make the colloidal silver 25 ppm in 15 minutes (200 ml). Manufacturing with distilled or deionized water without additives.


Colloidal silver 25 ppm in 15 minutes (200 ml)



Technical characteristics:
- Dimensions: 128x39x24 mm
- You can connect the device directly on 110 volts or on 240 volts the output voltage is 30 volts.
- Voltage on the electrodes: 5 - 58 volts
- The dimension of the electrodes of silver is 2.7 mm x 85 mm
- The weight of the electrodes in money is 9.8 g, the two electrodes
Silver content of the electrodes: 99.99% pure silver
Manufacturer's warranty: 24 months


Content on delivery:
■ 1 x Ionic-Pulser * standard S / PRO, with an electronic control to a higher accuracy of the size of the particles * and for an exact concentration the voltage on the electrodes varies: 5 – 46 & 58 volts for the PRO**
■ A pair of electrodes made of silver of 99.99% purity, the dimension of the electrodes of silver are of a diameter of 2.7 mm x 85 mm

■ A power supply that also works so well on 110 volts on the 240V. You can make your colloidal silver in all countries of the world.


- Boil the distilled water or demineralised in a heat-resistant container, let it cool for about 3 minutes, then pour into a glass (capacity of your choice see the table). Put the electrodes in the money in the two holes under the device. Place the camera on the glass. Importantly, the electrodes must be covered almost completely with water (under the glass edge, 0.5 cm -1cm).
- Connect the connection cable of the power supply to the unit.and then to the power socket (110 or 240 volts) - the red indicator turns on. The camera's sensor (red light) only reacts when the electrodes of silver are immersed in the water. The device must be removed at the end of the selected time (see table).

If you are concentrations in ppm higher colloidal silver to become yellow / brown. This color is the evidence of high purity of the water used, but this is not a measure of the concentration. Also in the same time the production of each solution can discolour with varying degrees. At higher concentrations, sometimes a layer of black is formed on the electrodes and on the bottom of the glass. Has lower concentrations or short time of production, these particles are also present in the same proportion, not visible. Milky colouring white / grey caused by the use of water or mineral water.

Do not drink! Put in a coffee filter BIO and retrieve the fluid that you can drink.

In order to avoid the formation of black deposits in the glass manufacturing, the process must be briefly interrupted after 15 minutes, wipe the electrodes of silver with a kitchen paper. Thus, the silver particles can be better distributed, For the manufacture of colloids never use a metal container or plastic. Always use glass containers and even better in stained glass. With glasses of 200 ml, we obtain the best results at higher concentrations. Take lenses quality, unbreakable and better heat-resistant, because the silver particles settle less on the sides of the glass.



The concentration of silver that measure in ppm. A part per million of water molecule (abbreviated to ppm)

In the classical measures, the production time is dependent on the temperature, the conductivity, the quality of the water used and the surface of the electrode. The Ionic-Pulse thanks to its electronic circuit compensates for these factors. The load of silver is proportional to the time of production. According to the table below, the concentrations in ppm can be determined with very high accuracy.

Given the quantity of water, quality of water, the size of the container manufacturing.

Select on the numbers at the top (horizontal) size of container manufacturing. The figures in the vertical to the left determine the desired value ppm – and in the vertical to the right the time of manufacture..

* If you are using water bi-distilled, high-quality, the manufacturing time must be extended for 3 minutes.


During and after the manufacturing process, the colloidal silver does not heat! Stir the liquid after 15 minutes of manufacturing, with a tube in glass or plastic (never metal)!
At low concentrations the colloidal silver is colourless and tasteless.
At concentration values higher, a coloration appears, which may be different but intense or modified at the same concentration, the higher the concentration in ppm, the greater the taste is intense, a metallic taste bitter, regardless of the color or the quality of the solution of silver.

Recommended Concentration for almost all the applications: between 5 & 15 ppm, 15 ppm seems to be the more effective the higher you climb in ppm and less effective it is (according to academic studies).

You can make it to 50 ppm and then dilute it with distilled water. Example you have made of colloidal silver in a glass of 200ml of 50 ppm that you diluted in 1 litre of demineralized or distilled water to obtain 1, 200 liter 10ppm

Optimal Production: with a glass of 200 ml (0,2 l)
Preparation time 25 ppm = 15 minutes
50 ppm = 30 minutes..

The storage of colloidal silver
The solution of silver finished is usable for months or even years, however, the colloidal silver is freshly product is particularly
To keep the solution of silver in an optimal state, the following must be strictly observed :
Do not store in plastic containers or in metal, but in glass bottles stained.
Do not store your production fields of the electromagnetic fields (electric stove, TV, stereo, etc).
Do not store in the refrigerator, but keep them in a cool place protected from light.

Care and maintenance of the equipment
The generator is completely maintenance-free. Clean with a damp cloth.

Cleaning electrodes:
After each fabrication, the electrodes of the money must be rubbing vigorously with paper towels or a cloth. Do not clean with a scouring pad abrasive ! If the electrodes reach the diameter of a pencil please to replace. A pair of electrodes to produce 600 litres to about 5 ppm, or 120 litres to 25 ppm.
Attention when replacement of the electrodes thank you for putting the size of the standard 2.5 x 75 mm

You can find the electrodes of 2.7 x 82 mm. These products rarely correspond to the high degree of purity and NEVER to the hardness of the original. For accurate concentrations the electrodes of origins must be used. The ends must be rounded and sanded.
An exact Concentrations and optimal use can be made only with the electrodes of origins!

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