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Colloidal silver

What is colloidal silver ? Colloids (from the Greek kolla glue) particles are macromolecular, which, in an...

Generator colloid

You can make your colloidal silver at home has become child's play – Very easy handling and safe – in...


Your pet is a companion of inestimable value, and we do not know. This is why good-health.hp have decided to...

Seed extract grapefruit

EPP (grapefruit seed extract) in the laboratory in Switzerland, it is the guarantee of a very nice quality....


Propolis pure without adding, 100% extract glycerined, Packaging : 50 ml, quite pleasant Taste - Product is...

Essential oils Tibetan

With the essential oils from tibetan we have created a range of products, for which we have dedicated a lot of...

Spray aromatic

Spray aromatic allow you to neutralize odors and to create an atmosphere scented in your house, your car, your...

Cards quantum NRG

New technologies at the service of wellness and health... Tomorrow's medicine will be quantum and revolutionise...

Tuning forks, therapeutic

°°° Our tuning forks are guaranteed for LIFE °°° Why the string length of are superior...

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02 SILVER 2 X 500 ML
  • On sale!


Price CHF39.90
2 x 500ml Colloidal Silver at 15 PPM. High quality guarantee : particles between 0.001 and 0.005 microns. We use electrodes of silver 99.99 %...
Grapefruit seed extract 100 ml drip

Grapefruit seed extract 100 ml drip

Price CHF26.90
The authentic grapefruit seed extract 100 ml spray, extends to about 800 strains of bacteria and viruses, and about 100 strains of fungi, as well...
Colloidal silver 50ml nasal spray - 15ppm

Colloidal silver 50ml nasal spray - 15ppm

Price CHF9.90
Nasal Spray of colloidal silver of about 15ppm, of a capacity of 50ml blue glass , is ideal for a nose is congested, sinusitis, ear infections,...
Colloidal silver 30 ml drip-15ppm

Colloidal silver 30 ml drip-15ppm

Price CHF7.60
Glass Pipette, dropper, 30 ml of colloidal silver is very easily transportable. The dosage drop by drop is highly accurate, ideal for a nose is...
Sulfur (S - 32)

Sulfur (S - 32)

Price CHF20.90
Sulphur S-32 is a complex concentrate that stimulates the detoxification of the liver and improves energy fast. Extremely effective against all...
Zinc-FLNT4 (Zn), Hydrate, 250 ml

Zinc-FLNT4 (Zn), Hydrate, 250 ml

Price CHF18.70
This nutritional complex of Zinc has multiple physiological actions, and is involved in many metabolisms. Associated electro-chemically to a...
Pure atmosphere

Pure atmosphere

Price CHF15.40
An essential oil tibetan natural 100% ORGANIC to an atmosphere of well-being at home. Purifying, cleansing, refreshing, life-giving.

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