Grapefruit seed extract 100 ml drip

Grapefruit seed extract 100 ml drip

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The authentic grapefruit seed extract 100 ml spray, extends to about 800 strains of bacteria and viruses, and about 100 strains of fungi, as well as a very large number of unicellular parasites. Bottle-tinted glass 100ml = 122.3 g

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The gse (grapefruit seed extract) to our, it is the guarantee of a very good quality.


The action of the grapefruit seed extract and extends to approximately:
800 strains of bacteria and viruses, and about 100 strains of fungi,
as well as a very large number of unicellular parasites. It is a single score !

The genuine EPP has proven itself and it is devoid of any toxicity, even in case of exceeding the recommended doses.

Our guarantees :

The traceability of the product (with the batch No. on the bottle tinted) on request !

Extract hydroglycénriné grapefruit seed (Citris paradisi), obtained without the pulp, without chemical solvents or pericarp, without the addition of bioflavonoids.

Liquid form, much more pure and more effective than the tablets, 100ml (122.3 g) High concentration of grapefruit seed : 20g to 100g

Vegetable, glycerin extract, hydroglycériné grapefruit seed, vitamin B9 (30µg/5ml or 15% RDA)

Guaranteed without conservative, without benzethonium chloride.

Beware especially of products that are cheap, often identifiable by their taste very bitter (the EPP must be only very slightly bitter, or not) or many of the Web merchants located in foreign countries.

Not certified ORGANIC, why ?

The extract of grapefruit seed is not certified organic.
We produce it from grapefruit seed whole without peel (the skin of the grapefruit). These glitches are regularly analyzed to verify the absence of pesticides. The risk of pesticide is mainly related to the skin that we don't use in the extraction.
The main reason for the non-certification of the extract is due to the quality of glycerin that is used for the extraction. We use for the extraction of a vegetable glycerin of high quality pharmacopoeial and non-glycerin organic certified the quality of which is suitable for the dilution (e.g. in cosmetics), but not ideal for the extraction which requires a perfect standardization.


Council of use :

Adults : 30 drops each taken, diluted in a glass of water or fruit juice, once in the morning in the prevention or 3 times a day in a program of attack.

Children : one drop per kilo in 2 or 3 doses per day (example: a child of 8 kg 8 drops), diluted in a glass of water or fruit juice. For a program of attack (30 drops per dose/ 3 times per day), provide a bottle for 20 days / prevention (30 drops per day), provide a bottle for 2 months.


Composition :

- Processing in France

A - basic-seed-whole-Citrus Paradisi, grapefruits Asia recognized for the quality of their seeds.

- High concentration of grapefruit seed: 20g to 100g

- A bottle containing 99.9% EPP, which is an extract hydro-glycerined grapefruit seed and vitamin B9 (30µg/5ml or 15% of the RDA), guaranteed preservative-free.

Neutral taste with no bitterness

- Mild Conditions of extraction of the assets of grapefruit seed by a process which is non-denaturing to maceration in a mixture water/vegetable glycerin

- Seeds whole and crushed before extraction

- Multiple stages of filtration

Finally, formulas reliable !


Searching for the best formula possible, we have finally found one that does not exclude, of course, that there are others. She responds, of course, the criteria set out below but in addition, it is the result of a French-made, relatively rare, based on a maceration and not on a powder of the seeds.

The seeds imported from Asia, integers, are put to macerate in a mixture of water and glycerin at a rate of 20 g of seeds to 100 ml. Through operations of maceration time to time, we extract all the active principles and "non-active" (or considered as such) of the glitch and you get a concentrated product oily naturally titrated to 400 mg of bioflavonoids. At this rate, it is estimated that the action is already optimum.

In the end, with the EPP based on the totum, our organization has all the principles of the glitch : it will filter what it will actually need and eliminate the rest.

Effectiveness confirmed : today, many doctors have already gained experience based on several years of using this extract of grapefruit seed they prescribe, particularly against the diseases, gastric or intestinal, infections related to pathogenic yeast, colds, infections of the nose, throat, and ears, dermatomycoses, gingivitis and vaginitis.

Another field of application is very important : the grapefruit seed extract acts as a support the immune system and protection against the spread of infections among patients presenting with an immune deficiency chronic such as Aids, permanent fatigue, or candidiasis (from the book : Secrets and wonders of the grapefruit)

Dr. Louis Parish, chargé de mission of the u.s. department of health and the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), has treated a large number of patients with a dysfunctional intestinal problems : "The grapefruit seed extract will trigger a regression stronger symptoms than any other treatment" (from the book : Secrets and wonders of the grapefruit)

The specific properties of the product : the action of The grapefruit seed extract extends to about 800 strains of bacteria and viruses, and about 100 strains of fungi, as well as a very large number of unicellular parasites. It is a single score.

Comparative testing in the competition with 30 powerful antibiotics and 18 antimycotics have been established by international research teams. In each trial, the seed oil of grapefruit is an effect equivalent or higher on the strains present.

The product is devoid of toxicity. It would be necessary to absorb 4,000 times the normal dose to achieve the effects of poisoning. The grapefruit seed extract helps immune system defenses, while the antibiotics conventional inhibit.

In the intestine, while the extract of grapefruit seed inhibits harmful bacteria, it does not touch the essential bifidus and all of the flora is enhanced.

Normally, this product is not subject to any allergic reaction. Nevertheless, according to the statistics, there are about 4% of the people who have an allergy to citrus fruit in general. In this case, these people need to begin with minimum doses.

Applications : The seed oil of grapefruit is used for a number of years in the scandinavian countries, the United States, in Switzerland too, where it knows a great success.

The practical uses of the extract of grapefruit seed are so numerous that their only mimics appears to be that of the imagination ! But for the moment, it is used particularly in the following situations :

Mouth : Sore mouth, mouth ulcers, chapped lips, cold sores, toothache, gingivitis, disinfection of the toothbrush, dissolve the tartar, hallitose (bad breath) etc

Nose - Ears - Face :
Cold, rhinitis, sinusitis, pharyngitis, cough, hoarseness, laryngitis, earaches, hygiene of the ears, inflammation of the middle ear, acne, pimples, skin impurities, shaving etc

Hair :
Shampoo for treating dandruff, itchy scalp, eczema and various irritations of the scalp, head lice etc

Skin :
Small cuts, scrapes, small burns, rashes, dermatitis, insect bites. It contributes greatly to the healing of psoriasis, shingles, dry eczema, urticaria, varicose ulcer on the legs, warts, fungal infection.

Feet :
Eczema of the toes, hyper sweating (excessive sweating), articles, corns, callus, plantar warts, blisters, etc

Nails :
Onychomycosis, paronychia.

Genitals :
vaginitis, vaginal infections, germs and various, parasites of the vagina, care of the genital organs, diseases of the male genitalia.

Gastro-intestinal infections by yeast, colds of all kinds, infections, diarrhea.
Immune deficiencies, chronic fatigue, candidiasis, flu, food poisoning, cholera, disinfection of wounds, disinfection of water to drink...

Its effectiveness is valid in many areas : Increases the resistance of the body, supports the metabolism. Ideal during change of season to stay in shape, natural antibacterial.

Internal use :
The extract of grapefruit seed is very effective as treatment of dysfunction of intestinal and colds. It can be taken with other supplements (acerola, digestransit, the algae AFA, yeast of beer, chloride of magnesium, colloidal silver) natural and can even support the effects of other medicinal plants.

Application to animals :
In Denmark, we use this product for organic farming of pigs, cows and horses. In Peru, the alpacas that provide the wool quality, are animals that are very fragile. It has reduced mortality from 50% to 2%, thanks to the grapefruit seed extract. For the pets, many people use this product as an anthelmintic against fleas, ticks, and fungal infections or of diseases in aquariums and algae.

Application to plants :
In hot countries, the conservation of fruits and vegetables poses a big problem. This product has found a wide field of application devoid of toxicity and very effective, including for the disinfection of meat, fish and cereals. Conservation can thus be multiplied by 3 or by 4. Farmers Danish use of the extract to control pests in fields of potatoes, carrots and leeks.

Applications : In cosmetics industry, we use grapefruit seed extract to replace the chemicals of conservation that are often toxic.

Of conclusive trials have been carried out in hospitals for the disinfection of the premises, sterilization of operating rooms and medical devices. It would therefore be a parade to hospital-acquired infections due to antibiotic resistant strains. Tests on the disinfection of the skin give a result of germicidal efficiency of 100% with the grapefruit seed extract (compared to 72% with alcohol).

In Thailand and in South America, it has begun to introduce this mode of sanitation of water in swimming pools.


The product has been declared non-écotoxique by the FDA and 5 years of studies in america have proved its perfect biodegradability.

Internal use :

10 to 30 drops three times per day. Food supplements should be used in the context of a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Do not exceed the dose.

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