The ORIGINAL, Organic Silicon-Boron concentrate 50ml

The ORIGINAL, Organic Silicon-Boron concentrate 50ml

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Complex, concentrated and energized Silicon-Boron (Si-B). The organic Silicon G5, ORIGINAL, dosed at 2500 mg/50ml is a nutrient radioprotective and provider of energy for our biological system and our genetic material (DNA).

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The ORIGINAL, The complex Organic Silicon-Boron (Si-B)

The complex, concentrated and energized Silicon-Boron (Si-B), Original, dosed at 2500 mg/50 ml is a nutrient radioprotective and provider of energy for our biological system and our genetic material (DNA).

The radiation of radioactive elements can change or slightly damaged, or irreversibly the life of our biology and distort our DNA and most of our body's natural immune defenses.

The less problematic elements facing the radiation are leBore (11B5) and Silicon(28Si14).

The Boron , which is also pentavalent or trivalent (as well as the Nitrogen (N) which can be bivalent, trivalent or pentavalent) has one stable isotope : 10B5, 11B5, and is a moderator and absorber of the neutron flux ? (phi) in the nuclear reactions.

It is as well an excellent protector of our biological system (made of Carbon (C), Nitrogen (N), Oxygen (O), Hydrogen (H)) and thus it plays a role of moderator and absorber of the activity neutron (1n0) because of its cross-section ? 10B5 (3950 barns).

The Silicon 28Si14 (= 2 x 14N7), defects of atomic mass close to, also seems to be a good shield radioactive properties optoquantiques réverses of this element. The Silicon can emit UV radiation when subjected to an electric flow intense. This singularity is exceptional for a stable element (28Si14) makes this element a nutrient radioprotective and energy.

Silicon is the natural element that is best suited to protect our heritage DNA.

Everyone knows the properties of crystalline and atomic Silicon which, when irradiated by UV or X or ?, product immediately of the flow of electrons (?e), together referred to as electric currents. These stream power contribute to the magnetism and the conservation of electrical energy cells.

Note that a cell consumes UV radiation (sometimes X or ?) with moderation, but also of the electric current (see the work of the Pr Assoun on the radiative properties of the biological material in : The Lanthanides in 1986, and his recent book on The Quantum Medicine Intronic (1991 - 1994 - 2011).

The synergy of Boron and Silicon, will allow the absorption of neutrons, a real cellular protection, and, finally, an important energy intake.


30 Drops of concentrated Silicon - Boron(completely cover our daily needs protection).

Note: a bottle of 50ml corresponds to 1 liter of organic Silicon G5

This nutrient can be added to the beverage of your choice. There are no contra-indication.


Organic silicon (Si) 2500 mg/50ml, Boron (B), 300mg/50ml, concentrate


A bottle of 50ml with dropper.



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