SILICEA G5™ Concentrated 50ml Formulation European EFSA

SILICEA G5™ Concentrated 50ml Formulation European EFSA

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SILICEA G5™ Women - Concentrate 50ml - Women - Formulation European EFSA
Evaluates to 1 litre classic. Stimulates the production of collagen. Hair and nails healthy and strong. Help for menopause and the problems of women.

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Silicea-G5™ Women

Cure soothing 1 month

Formulation European EFSA

Choline Citrate or Chloride are promoters of the complexion and the formation of the series of Vit B in our biology, SILICEA G5™ will be more recommended in women including gestation period.

This essential element has a vital interest in our organization.

SILICEA G5™ participates in:

  • strengthening our immunity
  • the maintenance, the flexibility and mobility of the tendons and muscles
  • the youth and protecting our tissues and ligaments
  • the youth and the maintenance of good skin health
  • the support and preservation of our cartilage
  • the elasticity of our arterial tissue and véneux (as present in elastin that makes up the walls)
  • maintaining healthy hair (strengthens its structure, anti-fall)
  • maintaining nails healthy and strong
  • The process of calcification of the bone and/or mineralization
  • the restructuring of collagen fibers, acceleration of wound healing
  • the improvement of microcirculation, venous and arterial
  • the brake to the progression of osteoarthritis and osteoporosis (very recommended at the time of the menopause).

For more results, efficiency, beauty and well-being, we shall associate SILICEA G5™ to our gels to pure SILICEA G5™ and Aloe Vera Bio for the care of the skin of the face and body and areas of joint or muscle is painful.

In case of acute problems, Osteoarthritis or significant inflammation, we shall associate SILICEA G5™ Gel Arthrosil combining effectively the SILICEA G5™, Aloe Vera Organic, Chondroitin, and Glucosamine.

The advantages of the new version focused and energized, 50 ml :

  • The absence of Parabens (E214 to E218) of all the formulations Glycan makes the most ethical and compliant with european regulations on Public Health.
  • The concentration is 20 times higher than the SILICEA G5™ classic.
  • A bottle of 50 ml is equivalent to one litre of SILICEA G5™ classic.
  • Several SILICEA G5™ were developed by the group Glycan, in particular a formulation SILICEA G5™ EFSA, fully admitted to the EEC, but also the SILICEA G5™ classic (the original).
  • The complete absence of problems related to the conservation of the product, the product does not contain preservatives exogenous.
  • The concentration allows you to better calculate the Recommended dietary allowance (rda) for the users in case of need. (75mg/day)
  • Users can not drink from the bottle and thus "pollute" the vials of 500 and 1000 ml (1 Litre)
  • The use of our concentrated version in a 50 ml, does not allow accidental pollution solutions.
  • The container of 50 ml is an amber glass which is resistant to UV radiation and can be accidentally exposed to the sun without problem, which is not the case of bottles of 1 Liter and 500 ml conventional.
  • SILICEA G5™, concentrated version 50 ml, may be provided on the vacation spots with extreme safety and ease for the entire family.
  • The concentrated version is accepted in hand luggage in Airports but also in the kits of toiletries, the safety gate leaves move freely on these flaconnages of 50 ml.
  • In addition, the concentrated version avoids fraud on the concentrations and the blending of the products of 500 ml and 1000 ml. Users pay the basic product and may not be abused by some unscrupulous dealers.
  • A trace element special unknown to other companies in versions of 50 ml SILICEA G5™ allows you to control the integrity of the baseline concentration in Silicon element, as this trace element is present in all of our products bulk to avoid fraud to the baseline concentration.
  • The sending by mail of a bottle of 50 ml (platform) of SILICEA G5™ can be sent without problems throughout the European Community (EEC) and Switzerland, you can easily make known the concentrated version to a friend by sending him easily to the concentrated version.
  • The use of the concentrated version of the 50 ml is easy (some twenty to thirty drops - preferably in the morning on an empty stomach - in a glass of spring water, or by sublingual (dilute 20 to 30 drops in a measuring cap).
  • For children or babies, you can put a few drops of the concentrate of SILICEA G5™ in the food (e.g. in milk-bottle-yogurt etc.....)

The Silicon is in effect a macro-element secondary nutrient essential for the proper functioning of our body. SILICEA G5™ dosed at 2500 mg/50ml Glycan is a nutritional supplement up to 85% assimilated by our biology. It is an essential constituent of our vital organs, e.g. the thymus, the spleen, the liver, the pancreas, but also in the cartilage and connective tissues in humans with elastin, collagen and proteoglycans structure.

The Silicon is a promoter of Calcium and Magnesium and seems to intervene in the protein synthesis (scientific and medical).

SILICEA G5™ does not contain parabens or other toxic molecules. It is:

  • devoid of any toxicity.
  • does not cause any side effect
  • can be used by pregnant women
  • can be used by young children
  • is compatible with any therapy, y. c. allopathic
  • can be used for extended periods of time

    Dosage :
  • Normal use :

20 to 30 drops once per day. 30 drops contain 75 mg of Silicon element and completely cover our daily needs. This nutrient can be added to the beverage of your choice. There are no contra-indication.

  • During the days of chemotherapy or radiation therapy :

30 drops 3 times per day (morning, afternoon and evening), every day.

Composition :

Purified water,with Acid Orthosilicique SiO2(H+OH-) - Si03H2 stabilized Choline Chloride CASE :7699 - 41- 4 - Formulation EFSA admitted to the EEC
Presentation :
bottle 50 ml with dropper. Use 2 bottles per month for a cure of the bottom of 12 months.

Warning :

In order to avoid product returns and costly unwarranted, a pungent taste and bitter of the products and a light acidity are traditional and acceptable and should not be considered as an alteration of the properties of the products. This possible bitterness is a result of the significant concentration of our products, so that the daily needs of consumers are assured. In any case a bitter taste that is synonymous of products unfit for consumption.

The presence of a bit of air under pressure escaping from the cylinders at the time of opening, this phenomenon is natural.

We remind our kind customers that the products we sell are products of shape and well-being, and can in no way be considered drugs in their composition or in their form and presentation. They are completely natural. However, we invite you to consult your doctor who will determine your exact needs nutritional supplements. It is your responsibility to ensure with the latter, as these products can be a complement to your treatment without interacting with it. Food supplements should be used in the context of a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

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