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Diapason OM 136.10 Hz weighted

Diapason OM 136.10 Hz weighted

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The diapason OM 136,10 Hz ballasted, it is the frequency of the heart chakra. Relaxing, balancing, soothing, it relieves the wounds of the heart, harmonizes the nervous system and brings peace of mind. Tuned specially to resonate with the vibration of the universe.

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Use :

Especially effective on the sternum, the thoracic vertebrae, the brain, the clavicles, the ribs, but can very well be used also for other parts of the body, it is a tuning fork universal.

Take the tuning fork by the stem and strike it gently on a knee or rubber. To approach the pitch of the ears, a vibration is created, nice and steady, excellent for deep relaxation.

With your finger or the palm of your hand that is free, you can locate the place where you are going to ask the tuning fork. Then put the tip of the tuning fork (the stem) on the point detected. Maintain a firm contact, and leave it in place, until the vibration disappears (you will feel it easily). With the other hand, you keep in contact with the body of the client.

Diapason OM - 136.10 Hz

The frequency of the year, C# (c#) with 136,10 Hz is the 32nd octave of the earth year. Its wavelength is 500 nanometers, and the color is a turquoise. This note is based on the rotation of the Earth around the sun.

This particular astronomical is the cause of the change of the seasons on the Earth. This is the 2nd cosmic rhythm of our planet. In the same way that the frequency of the day influences the body, the frequency of the year influences the DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid).

In India, this note is called "sadja" (meaning "Father of a people") is the keystone of the music on the sitar and tambura. The sacred syllable OM is given to this note, as almost all of the religious music played in the temples. Lots of bells and other instruments are also tuned to this note. When we know that their music is given to the frequency of the soul, we do not ask why the Hindus talk so much about the soul and its transmigration.

The ancient Indians arrived at this note through the meditation, she was given intuitively, so contemplative in "opening the universe".

But we must calculate it with mathematics and physics. Comments very accurate, made on a large number of bells, and comparisons made with the instruments, show that the differences seem to be very often well below 1Hz. This again proves that we are a microcosm in resonance with the macrocosm. This old affirmation of science, Airtight can now be proved in a scientific way is very accurate.

(NDT : excerpt from Wikipedia on Hermeticism : hermeticism is a philosophy, a religion, an esoteric, or a spirituality in search of salvation, through the spirit (such as gnosticism), but assuming the knowledge analogue of the cosmos. Salvation passes by way of the knowledge : to know, recognize themselves as "being made of life and light" as God as intellect. And this is a contemplation, the view of the Property, in its "beauty imperishable, incomprehensible")

The secret of the profound effects of the Indian music meditation simply depends on the fact that it is exactly given in the course of events, the " Tao ". It is the rotation of the Earth around the Sun. During the "alapa" (the tuning before the concert), not only the instruments but also the musicians and the audience are tuned to this note, the sadja. All the participants are in harmony with the Cosmos which finds its echo in the human beings taking part to this meditative music.

According to the Indian tradition, the sadja (or ‘sa’ for short) is the perpetual, that never ceases and, as already said previously, it is expressed through the syllable OM. Om is the "Amen" of the Christian churches. Amen means nothing else than " what it is ". The OM also expresses this idea, shown by the note in perpetuity. You can verify this by yourself by listening to Indian music, meditation, or even better meditate with this note, the humming or the singing, leaving it to soak ; then you will feel the power that resides in it. If you do not have the habit of singing, use the tuning fork to 136.10 Hz (the frequency of the earth year) on the bottom of your sternum, or a finger lower. These are the points 16 and 17 of the meridian Ren-May (ship manager or ship design). We also find these points on the heart chakra.

You'll be able to apply the tuning fork on the 5th dorsal vertebra. This point belongs to the meridian Du-Mai (vessel governor). The effect obtained is similar to that of the treatment of the meridian Ren-May. The chest whole begins to vibrate, which provides a wonderful relaxing effect. It truly is like to sing the note yourself.

Leaving it to vibrate and resonate in the chest for a moment and feels with the body. In this way, the notes can be learned without providing effort, and letting the vibration flow more and more, the whole body will gradually become the note. We enter thus in harmony not only with the note and the Tao, but also with the monks and priors of the northern India, Tibet and the rest of the world, who meditate to the sound of the sacred syllable OM, and with all those who sing this note.

Only he who has meditated with this note can know how much the relaxing effect of this note is deep, and at what point it calms the mind of the one who gives regularly.
In medicine, this is the sound (frequency) is primarily used for sedation. It is considered as an attractive alternative for the delivery of the stress, and for the treatment of muscle spasms.

It also has proven effects on headaches repeatedly. The phonophorèse to about two widths of a finger to the left or to the right of the column, and a height between the first and the second cervical vertebra is especially nice. A music of meditation given in this note also has a relaxing effect, very powerful, and will be recommended in case of nervousness or agitation internal. Subsequently, the person being treated feels soothed, while being pleasantly responsive.

In societies in European and North American, the demand for this vibration is the strongest. An intense work with this paper can decrease the need for sedatives and narcoleptic. A great stress is often the cause of pain, and for this reason, a large number of people who meditate with this oscillation, or have recourse by way of Phonophorèse will need much less – if any – of drugs.

The frequency of the year is the best swing for the relief of daily stress, to find inner peace, to unblock the energy pathways and restore balance.


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