Diapason 8th chakra, the star of the soul (weighted)

Diapason 8th chakra, the star of the soul (weighted)

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Tuning fork weighted 8th chakra-Soul Star High OM 272.2 Hz. The 8th chakra, located generally at 30 cm above the head, is known as the Star of the soul, the first of the higher chakras.

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This pitch 8th chakra-star of the soul (Soul Star high OM) 272,2 Hz is also called the chakra transpersonal, in the set of Chakras developed by Hans Cousto.

The 8th chakra, known as the "star of the soul", is the first of the higher chakras, located 30 cm above the head. Its colors are emerald green and purple.

We might call it the seat of existence, the life force or Prana which is in the end that the Kundalini opening to life itself. It is also the fountain of life, often illustrated by a fountain on the top of the head of Shiva and other deities.

The eighth chakra balance the feminine and the masculine, and allows for the Unity between Angels and Men. Its radiation is white, silvered or mother-of-pearl.

This pitch is typically used at the top of the head (around 30 cm). You can use it with any other tuning fork Chakra to create a connection, the objective is to balance the respective chakras. For example, by combining the tuning fork Soul Star with the pitch of the solar plexus it helps you to see more clearly between "My Will" and "Thy Will".

The diapason OM star of the soul (272,2 Hz), the OM (136.1 Hz) and the OM of the earth (68.05 Hz) are specially tuned to resonate with the vibration of " OM Cosmic ". These tuning forks are great for mediation, dreams, the view, in a session of energy work or simply when you want to capture the "universal energies" or create an experience that is multi-dimensional.

While the OM is used to balance the central body on the chakra of the heart and chest, the tune star of the soul - the 8th chakra (Soul Star high OM) 272,2 Hz - is used to balance the head.

The use of the tuning fork Soul Star high OM with the OM of the earth (68.05 Hz) created a multidimensional connection between the upper body and the lower body, it is a full balance of all the energies, aura, chakras, an opening to the universal energies and the subtle energies.

All of the chakras, and open and balanced form a central pillar, allowing the light to pass through the body and activating the Ida / Pingala / Sushumna. Endless possibilities for healing, ascension and transcendence are thus created.

It is an excellent final treatment after a massage or energy session.

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