Tuning forks for relaxation (alpha & FF)

Tuning forks for relaxation (alpha & FF)

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These two tuning forks of the brain waves Alpha, and FF will help you to deep relaxation, to have a wider vision of the universe, enhance creativity, help to control the unconscious, to relieve the OCD, etc..

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Tuning forks Alpha waves for relaxation

This set of tuning forks helps you to :

  • a deep relaxation (meditative)
  • using the relaxation of tensions, mental & physical
  • a vision of relaxed
  • creativity
  • gives access to the unconscious
  • helps relieve OCD

We experience Alpha brainwaves when our eyes are closed, just before falling asleep, just after waking up, before opening our eyes, and when we dream (dreams awake).

The Alpha brain waves are also in the two hemispheres of the brain and leads to the production of serotonin. OCD (Obessive-compulsive disorder) are directly linked to a low serotonin levels in the brain. When the flow of serotonin is disrupted, the brain overreacts with false signals that are driving these people to redo a task. People with OCD may benefit from these two tuning forks (Alpha and FF).

Too much alpha wave in the left hemisphere can cause depression. Too much alpha wave in the frontal lobe can cause depression, ADD and ADHD. Low levels of alpha waves can cause an addiction to alcohol and drugs, because these substances increase the alpha brain waves.

The physicist Winfried Otto Schumann calculated the frequency of the electromagnetic field of the earth. It is called the resonance frequency of the Earth (IRON) and although fluctuating all the time, it is in the frequency ranges of Alpha / Theta / Delta.

Important :

Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta
The frequency of the tuning fork fundamental (FF) is used with the beta, Alpha, Theta or Delta tuning fork. When they are used together, the tuning fork FF and the diapason beta, Alpha, Theta or Delta this creates a third frequency, which third frequency is the frequency of the wave.

  1. Activate the tuning fork FF and either the pitch beta, Alpha, Theta or Delta. To enable it, you can use an activator tuning fork or type each tuning fork on the muscle hard to your thighs. It is important to activate each tuning fork in the same time.
  2. Hold the tuning fork a few inches from the ear **
  3. When the sound cannot be heard by the client, re-enable the tuning forks again and this time reverse the tuning forks ear. Repeat the operation but do not exaggerate. *

*Less is better, especially at the beginning of treatment with these forks. Listen to your body, your intuition to get the feedback of the person who receives these frequencies. No more than 3 daily sessions during the first few weeks.

** For most people the tuning forks should be roughly the same distance from each ear. The best way is to ask the people who receive care the moment they hear the third frequency.

Note: A tuning fork unique can not physically be done in the frequency-beta, alpha, theta and delta because they are too low in hertz. For each of these brain waves, the pitch of the fundamental (FF) must be used in combination with either the beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta. This helps to create the third frequency, the real frequency of the wave desired.

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