Tuning forks for meditation (Theta & FF)

Tuning forks for meditation (Theta & FF)

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These two tuning forks of the brain waves and theta FF help the deep relaxation, to a broader vision of the unconscious, an emotional, spiritual connection.

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Theta waves help to :

  • meditation
  • provides access to the unconscious
  • the increased retention of the learned material
  • emotions improved
  • creativity
  • the spontaneity
  • for the recovery of long-term memories, repressed memories and emotions
  • improving your spiritual connection

Theta waves are produced during the first phase of slow-wave sleep (sleep) or in a state of deep relaxation.

The wave theta we access a state of very deep relaxation. It is a state used in hypnosis. It reflects the state between the completeness and sleep. The brain waves are slowed to a frequency of 4-8 cycles per second. It is also a state to which certain persons may access in deep meditation and prayer. Theta waves are linked to our subconscious, they govern the part of the mind between the conscious and the unconscious. They contain memories and sensations.

The theta rhythm allows us to access the subconscious mind. They govern our attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors. These waves are related to the states of super-creativity, inspiration, and spiritual awareness.

Between birth and the age of 7 years the children work mainly in low-frequency delta and theta. It is for this reason that children can acquire a large volume of information. They carefully observe what is happening in their environment, and adopt the behavior and beliefs of those around them.

We use these brain waves Theta when we cut our oaths, promises with ourselves. We return to the same state Theta to abolish these oaths. The state Theta allows us to immediately remove and replace old patterns of thoughts individuals on all levels in which they are recorded in the body : freeing ourselves from these patterns, frees our energy and our free will. A few patterns fundamental only holds thousands of beliefs associated with it.

In this state of theta waves, there is no separation, we generally will lose the notion of time.

More this rate is weakening, the more the subject becomes deeply asleep

Source http://www.rvd-psychologue.com/neurofeedback-eeg-ondes-cerveaux.html

Important :

Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta
The frequency of the tuning fork fundamental (FF) is used with the beta, Alpha, Theta or Delta tuning fork. When they are used together, the tuning fork FF and the diapason beta, Alpha, Theta or Delta this creates a third frequency, which third frequency is the frequency of the wave.

  1. Activate the tuning fork FF and either the pitch beta, Alpha, Theta or Delta. To enable it, you can use an activator tuning fork or type each tuning fork on the muscle hard to your thighs. It is important to activate each tuning fork in the same time.
  2. Hold the tuning fork a few inches from the ear **
  3. When the sound cannot be heard by the client, re-enable the tuning forks again and this time reverse the tuning forks ear. Repeat the operation but do not exaggerate. *

*Less is better, especially at the beginning of treatment with these forks. Listen to your body, your intuition to get the feedback of the person who receives these frequencies. No more than 3 daily sessions during the first few weeks.

** For most people the tuning forks should be roughly the same distance from each ear. The best way is to ask the people who receive care the moment they hear the third frequency.

Note: A tuning fork unique can not physically be done in the frequency-beta, alpha, theta and delta because they are too low in hertz. For each of these brain waves, the pitch of the fundamental (FF) must be used in combination with either the beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta. This helps to create the third frequency, the real frequency of the wave desired.

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